Photo of the Month: June The theme of the Photo of the Month, June was sunrise color and the winner is nabe555, photo title “Sunrise color with Mt.Fuji”. Congratulations! Thank you for your participation as always! Here is my comment for nabe555’s photo. I believe this photo is the best photo that matched with the […]

How to Take Better Landscape Photos for Beginners: Using Natural Lighting and Our Map Tool


Have you ever wondered how professional photographers get the most amazing colors in their photos? Ever take a photo with your brand new, high-end camera, only to be disappointed that the photo still looks like it came out of your cellphone? One probable cause could be a lack of quality natural lighting. As I explained […]

How to Shoot Night Photography for Beginners

Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge

Night photography may seem very mystical at first, but it is actually fairly simple if you understand exposure and the settings that affect it. Night photography takes the basics of exposure and greatly magnifies them, often pushing your camera’s limits. Because of the lack of available light, a combination of longer shutter, larger apertures, and […]

How to Apply Dynamic Range and HDR to Landscape Photography

Takes the good parts of each exposure and combines them to form a composite. Can be adjusted to taste. Processed with Unified Color's HDR Expose 3

Ever take a photograph of a beautiful sunset, only to see that the accompanying foreground is too dark to see any details? What you just experienced was the limitation of your camera’s dynamic range. Dynamic range is the camera’s ability to capture the details of the highlights and shadows in a scene during a high […]

How to Understand Your Landscape Photograph’s Histograms: Basics

histogram to image

When you take/edit a photo you may have been exposed to the picture’s histogram at one point of time. You may not have thought much of it, but the histogram can be an extremely useful tool in improving your photography. Without getting too technical, each pixel in an image has a brightness value ranging from […]

How to Take Panoramic Landscape Photos (Pano)

Completed Panorama: Small section of the picture yields a lot of detail compared to first image

As a landscape photographer, you will inevitably come across a vast scene where no lens you take with you will cover the whole expanse. Even if it did, your camera’s resolution would most likely make the scene look too tiny and unattractive (i.e. cannot see the details). One way to maintain the details and capture […]

How to Use Natural Lighting for Your Landscape Photography


Ever take a photo with your brand new, high-end camera in the middle of the day and wonder why your photo doesn’t look nearly as good as a pro? Well one probable cause could be natural lighting. As I explained in a previous article, taking photography is just capturing the right amount of light. Taking […]

How to Improve Your Photography for Beginners: Exposure and Settings That Affect It


Exposure Those new to photography may find their venture beyond their point and shoot camera very confusing and challenging. Having control of the settings that used to be handled by your camera can be a bit daunting at first, but if you learn about exposure and what it is affected by, you can take way […]